Connecting Coyote Valley’s Ridges

Sep 19th, 2018

What: The Bay Area Ridge Trail Council is working to connect the Ridge Trail between the biodiversity hot spots of Santa Cruz Mountains and the Diablo Range through Coyote Valley in San José.

In the past two years significant progress has been made to connect the Ridge Trail through Coyote Valley.  In 2018 The City of San José, the Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) and the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority (OSA) reached a historic land deal to protect over 900 acres of land in San José’s Coyote Valley, ending more than 35 years of development battles. The Ridge Trail Council is now completing a two-year long study of the area and preparing to adopt a route through this complex gap. 

Why: When the Ridge Trail is completed through Coyote Valley, you will be able to travel on uninterrupted trail from Santa Teresa County Park in San José, through Almaden Quicksilver County Park, and all the way up to Mount Umunhum in Sierra Azul Preserve. These places will also be BARTable with a connection to the recently opened Berryessa BART station!

Funding need: We have received funding for the Feasibility Study from the OSA Measure Q Open Space Grant Program, the Bohannon Family Foundation and Resource Legacy Fund. This is a complex multi-phase project and we are currently seeking additional funding for design, environmental review, permitting and construction of connections along Bailey Avenue across U.S. 101. 

Voice Your Support: OSA is beginning the master planning process to determine how this land will be conserved and what kinds of access will be allowed. Now is the time to advocate for the Ridge Trail to be included in the North Coyote Valley Master Plan! The Ridge Trail is designated by Plan Bay Area as a “Priority Conservation Area” because of its value in providing natural resource, scenic, recreational and ecosystem functions. It will serve as a critical linkage through the valley, providing benefits for both wildlife and recreation.

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