Bailey Avenue Trail Overcrossing

Jun 02nd, 2022

The Project: The Bailey Avenue Trail Overcrossing is a proposed 0.8-mile Class I Trail connection along the existing Bailey Avenue overcrossing of Monterey Road, U.S. 101, the high speed rail corridor, and the Coyote Creek Trail. This design leverages existing, under-utilized road infrastructure by reducing one traffic lane on the north side of the Bailey Avenue and converting it into a separated Class I trail.

The Benefits: After 30 years of planning, study, and partner coordination, the Bailey Avenue Trail Overcrossing has been identified as the optimal connection, the linchpin, for a 40-mile continuous stretch of Ridge Trail and the connection between Coyote Ridge Open Space Preserve to Santa Teresa County Park.  The creation of a safe trail crossing in this location will not only close a gap for trail users to cross Coyote Valley, but it will also has the potential to aid wildlife crossing between Coyote Creek and Coyote Ridge.

Funding Need: $286,000 is needed to complete the design and engineering of this project.

How Can You Help: You can join our South Bay Trail Advocacy Group by emailing to support trail development in the South Bay.  Additionally, you can donate to the Trail Opportunity Fund to help us fund important projects like this!

Download the Summary Reports Here:
Bailey Avenue Class I Trail Overcrossing: Phase I Design Summary (2020-2022)
Bailey Avenue Trail Crossing-Pathways for Wildlife Comments (2022)
North Coyote Valley Ridge Trail Feasibility Study (2017-2020)


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