Ridge Trail Sign Survey and Update

COMPLETED – Over 350 miles of new Ridge Trail signs updated! Only 100 more miles to go! Why: In 2017, the Ridge Trail adopted the new trail sign design and in 2018 they set the goal

Connecting Coyote Valley’s Ridges

What: The Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority (OSA) has awarded the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council a Measure Q Urban Open Space Grant to begin work on closing the trail gap between Santa Teresa County

anadel fire

North Bay Wildfire Restoration

For a map showing updated (as of March 2018) information on fire-related Ridge Trail closures and re-openings, click here. Updates and Ridge Trail Re-openings: Our partners have been working tirelessly to restore and re-open their

Gateway to Trails and Parks: Berryessa BART Project

The Ridge Trail has a special opportunity to bring people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to their surrounding trails and parks. The next planned BART station, located in the Berryessa neighborhood of San Jose,