Highway 17 Wildlife and Trail Crossing

Help the Ridge Trail Solve Complex Crossings like Highway 17! Have you ever driven Highway 17 and thought it was harrowing? Now imagine you are a hiker, biker or mountain lion. Help us provide safe

7 New Miles of Ridge Trail coming in 2020!

  7 New Miles of Ridge Trail from Garin Regional Park to Niles Canyon Road coming in 2020! The longest continuous stretch for hikers in the East Bay is extending from 45 to over 50

Golden Gate’s new Phil Arnold Trail

The Phil Arnold Trail in Golden Gate Park to opens February 2019! The newest section of Ridge Trail will wind its way through the beautiful ancient Oak Woodlands in Golden Gate Park. Why: The Ridge Trail

Ridge Trail Sign Survey and Update

COMPLETED – Over 350 miles of new Ridge Trail signs updated! Only 100 more miles to go! Why: In 2017, the Ridge Trail adopted the new trail sign design and in 2018 they set the goal