Circumnavigation Webinar

Thursday, January 27 – 6:30-7:30pm (Pacific Time) There are now 400 miles of Ridge Trail – are you ready to explore them all? Join our “circumnavigation” webinar and hear from a panel of folks who’ve

Kastner Family Circumnavigators

Trail enthusiasts are getting out on the Ridge Trail more than ever, but the Kastner family decided to take it to a new level this year. They are close to circumnavigating the Ridge Trail–our term

Britney hiking

Completing the Ridge Trail on a Whim

Britny Sorenson, a sunny and energetic force of nature, set out to thru-hike the Florida Trail in December of 2019. About a week in, bad weather struck and she had to abandon her trek. She

Tom Muniz hike in Sierra Vista

Meeting Up to Hike the Whole Ridge Trail

Join the Ridge Trail Meetup Group and explore. Tom Muniz leads Meetup Group on Second Circumnavigation Two days after Thanksgiving last year, Tom Muniz and Mark McKinstry led 13 hikers on a 10-mile Ridge Trail