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The Ridge Trail Action Fund

The Bay Area Ridge Trail Council has been working tirelessly for more than 35 years on an audacious project to create a 550-mile multi-use trail on the ridge lines around San Francisco Bay. A major milestone of 400 miles was reached in 2021, but even more remarkable is where we are headed. Significant trail gaps are nearing completion via the hard work of the Council’s staff, board, volunteers, and invaluable partners. And yet, the hardest miles are still ahead of us.

To fuel the momentum, we created the Ridge Trail Action Fund in 2018 as a quick-action resource to provide timely and flexible funding when and where it’s needed most. We aim to open 50 miles of trail over the next five years, and you can help lead the way.

“I’ve never been more grateful for the preservation of these healing places than I am right now. The Ridge Trail is part of the profoundly important legacy of nature and access here in the Bay Area.”

Doug McConnell | Journalist // Host of OPEN ROAD

The Ridge Trail Action Fund allows the Council to strike while irons are hot, deploy resources strategically, and nimbly address setbacks or once-in-a-lifetime opportunities as they arise. Future projects serve people and communities spanning the greater Bay Area.

The 50-in-5 campaign will provide essential resources to open the remaining 150 miles of Ridge Trail. With the goal of catalyzing trail progress all around the Bay Area, over the next five years we will focus on the following initiatives:

Current Fundable Projects

Southern Loop Working Group

A Ridge Trail-initiated collaboration of regional partners united by the goal of closing trail gaps and increasing public access to 120+ miles of planned and existing trails in southern Santa Clara County.

Funding Opportunity: $25 – 50K
Ridge Trail Impact: High
Timing: 2024 – 2026

National Scenic Trail Designation

Becoming a National Scenic Trails requires an Act of Congress. The first step is for Congress to direct the National Park Service to conduct a feasibility study. Support our advocacy efforts to promote the Ridge Trail as one of the nation’s next National Scenic Trails.

Funding Opportunity: $10 – 40K
Ridge Trail Impact: High
Timing: 2024 – 2030

Southern Napa Route Study: Suscol Headwaters Park

A routing study to determine the best way to connect Suscol Headwaters Park and Newell Open Space Preserve and close a crucial 7-mile gap in the Ridge Trail in Napa County.

Funding Opportunity: $25 – 50K
Ridge Trail Impact: High
Timing: 2024 – 2028


How does it work?


Are you ready to blaze new trail?


Are you ready to blaze new trail?

There is a time in every organization when its members can step up and lead. That time is now…and it won’t happen without YOU.

Now’s your chance to make a truly transformational gift. Completing the full 550-mile Bay Area Ridge Trail is a monumental task, and a critical one. By supporting the Ridge Trail Action Fund, you can ensure that the Ridge Trail is fully connected, protected and preserved for future generations. Whether you are a hiker, a mountain biker, equestrian, or someone who cares deeply about the Bay Area’s natural heritage, please consider supporting the Ridge Trail Action Fund today.


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