Easy Grade Bicycle Connection

Apr 02nd, 2021
Easy Grade Trail

The Project

Easy Grade Trail is an existing 0.6-mile trail in Mount Tamalpais State Park that connects Pantoll Station with Mountain Theater, Rock Springs Fire Road and Ridgecrest Road.  The Ridge Trail has been working with State Parks since 2007 to change the use of this trail to allow bicycles. Once this change is complete, Easy Grade Trail will provide an alternative to a narrow and curvy section of Pantoll Road. The project will provide a car-free route to the Theater, reduce vehicle trips, and close a bicycling gap in the Bay Area Ridge Trail.

We Need Your Support

The hard part is complete: designs and approvals for construction of the trail are secured. All that is missing is funding for construction.

Sign your name to our Letter of Support to request funds to complete the project!


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