Carquinez Strait Loop Planning Project

Apr 01st, 2019
view of mount diablo from carquinez loop

Why: What makes the Bay Area so unique? … Over 2,700 miles of regional trails are planned! And long-distance regional trails need to cross bridges. The Carquinez Strait Scenic Loop Trail is pivotal to the vision of a Bay Area connected by trails. It is where five trails of regional and state significance meet.  These include the Ridge Trail, Bay Trail, Great California Delta Trail, San Francisco Bay Area Water Trail and the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail. As a result, this 50-mile trail loop will encircle the Carquinez Strait. The eight-mile long channel connects San Francisco and San Pablo Bays with Suisun Bay and the Sacramento River Delta. As of March 2019, the Carquinez Strait is apart of the Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta National Heritage Area. This is first National Heritage Area designation in the state of California.

What: The Solano Trail Advisory Group group has been awarded a technical assistance grant from the National Parks Service (NPS) to create promotional and educational materials as well as a vision and gap analysis plan to bring the route closer to completion.  Over the next, the project team will work with the many partners involved in this 50-mile trail loop, which includes two counties, five historic downtowns, and two bridges in an area with significant historic and natural resources, to generate educational materials and a strategic plan to promote and complete trail gaps in this regionally significant recreation experience. The process will also allow all of the project partners to work on strategies for closing the remaining gaps in the trail. 

As the Ridge Trail Council completes the first phase of the project we will look to our supporters for project specific needs for signs and promotional materials.

Funding need: The NPS technical assistance does not include financial support. It provides NPS staff time to facilitate sign planning and design and collaboration amongst project partners. The Ridge Trail Council will need our member’s continued support to close the ten miles of gaps that remain along this trail loop. Please watch for opportunities to support this great partnership and project in the near future.

Carquinez Strait Loop Trail Fact Sheet

Carquinez Strait Loop Trail Birding Brochure



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