Berryessa BART, Transit to Trails Adventures

Jun 16th, 2020
Berryessa Bart Station Trail Navigation

Berryessa BART, Transit to Trails Adventures

City Serenity
Difficulty: Easy 
Mileage: 5 miles out and back round trip
Elevation Gain: Flat
Description: Leave the hustle and bustle of the station and find yourself in some surprisingly peaceful parks a short distance away. Start your walk or ride from the BART station trailhead and head out along the trail. Your first stop is the Penitencia Creek County Park and Gardens. Here you can relax under Willow trees while enjoying the pond and bird life or check out the nearby Berryessa Community Garden. Head back towards the station along Mabury and turn down Educational Park Dr. to make your way to Overfelt Gardens Park. Meander through the various paths that encircle the ponds and explore the Chinese Cultural Garden that features a friendship gate and Confucius statue. There are many places to find serenity and peace in this beautiful park before heading back to the BART station. 

History and Wildlife Tour
Difficulty: Moderate
Mileage: 10 out and back round trip
Elevation Gain: 180’
Description: Look out for wildlife and explore historical ruins on this mostly flat out and back adventure. Start your trip at the BART station trailhead and head East up the trail. Check out the peaceful pond at the Penitencia Creek County Park and Gardens. Birdlife can be found in many of the ponds and creeks throughout the route. Continue along the creek trail and cautiously cross over Jackson while enjoying the tree lined creek and many bridges along the way. Stop in at the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley grab a brochure and learn about the important work they do in rehabilitation of local wildlife. The path ends at Dorel Dr so you will need to continue a short distance along the road to Alum Rock park. Alum Rock is the oldest municipal park in CA where many people enjoy the beautiful wooded creek area and trails. Look out for historical remnants of mineral springs and the train line that transported visitors there from San Jose until 1932. Deer frequent the park, as well as other animals. Turn around at the Rustic Lands parking lot or add more mileage by going to the Youth Science Institute and checking out their nature center. 

BART to Summit Bike Epic
Difficulty: Hard – Strenuous 
Mileage: 16 – 24 out and back round trip (depending on where you turn around) 
Elevation Gain: 1500’ – 3700’ (depending on where you turn around)
Description: Experience the full urban to wild route with a mix of paved pathways and steep trail ascents / descents rewarding you with views of the entire south bay area on this out and back epic. From the BART platform look towards the East and see your destination of Sierra Vista Open Space on the ridge line. Ride on the trail towards Sierra Vista / Alum Rock. The path ends at Dorel Dr so you will need to continue a short distance along the road to Alum Rock park. Make sure to refuel and take a bathroom break at Alum Rock Park entrance as there are no facilities at Sierra Vista Open Space. Continue on the Creek Trail to the Rustic Lands or Eagle Rock parking lot and cross the Rd. to get on the North Rim Trail. Lower your gears and prepare to climb 1500’ up the Ridge Trail to the Sierra Vista Parking lot for spectacular views. Turn back from Sierra Vista or continue on the Ridge Trail to the Lower Calaveras Fault Trail. You will descend a mix of fun single track and fire road to Alum Rock Rd. Pick up the Lower Calaveras Fault Trail and prepare for another grueling climb up 1200’ of steep and often loose fire road. There is a picnic table and more amazing views waiting for you where you feel like you can soar like the eagles flying overhead. 

Local Food Picks:
Bills Cafe: Popular south bay breakfast diner with a great selection of “south of the border” options and their famous bread pudding and croissant french toast!
Claw Shack: Some of the best seafood around, specializing in shrimp and crab dishes with several excellent sauces to choose from. 
Nick the Greek: Well known casual south bay eatery with great falafel and gyro wraps. 

More Information:
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Resources and Maps:
Overfelt Gardens and Chinese Cultural Garden Site  
Penitencia Creek County Park 
Alum Rock Park Site
Sierra Vista Open Space Site
Ridge Trail BART Flyer and Map
Sierra Vista Open Space Ridge Trail Map
Ridge Trail Penitencia Creek Map


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