Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve: Sierra Road to Lower Calaveras Fault:

The Sierra Road staging area at Sierra Vista OSP provides the perfect jumping-off point for short or long trips in the Preserve and adjacent Alum Rock Park.

4.9 miles one-way (plus a 4.2-mile alternative return route)


From: Sierra Road Staging Area

To: Lower Calaveras Fault Trail Vista Point in San José

The Sierra Vista Trail opened in 2011, connecting the Ridge Trail at the lower elevations with the Upper and Lower Calaveras Fault Trails, and creating a long 8.9-mile Ridge Trail segment. This upper Ridge Trail section starts high up on the grassy ridge, with spectacular views of the Santa Clara Valley, and then follows the contours of the steep Alum Rock Canyon before dropping down to Penitencia Creek and climbing out to another ridgetop to the southeast. The end point has sweeping vistas of the valley below and the hills to the east. This is a very exposed trail for much of the route, so start early on hot days.

Elevation Gain/Loss 1,290 feet/1,210 feet one-way

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