5 Family-Friendly Ridge Trail Hikes

Jun 16th, 2022

Looking for your next fun family outing? Take in some fresh air and explore the great outdoors together with five of our favorite family-friendly hikes.

1. Skyline Ridge (Alpine Pond & Nature Center)
County: San Mateo
Description: Very short & flat
Mileage: 1
Elevation gain: none
Why we love it: Great for the smallest hikers, this includes a visit to the tiny but well-presented nature center at Alpine Pond. Sit for a snack at the benches and watch for ducks and other wildlife in the pond.

Skyline Ridge Map

2. Long Ridge (Peters Creek Trail)
County: San Mateo
Description: Short & flat, with longer options
Mileage: 2 and up
Elevation gain: flat unless you make a loop
Why we love it: Peters Creek is shaded and beautiful. Small hikers can take a moment to splash in the creek, and if you have sturdier hikers, a loop can be made by taking Long Ridge Rd back.

Saratoga Gap Open Space Preserve Map
Long Ridge Preserve Map

3. Purisima Creek Redwoods (Purisima Creek trail, from Higgins-Purisima Rd)
County: San Mateo
Description: Beautiful redwoods, flat, with lots of options
Mileage: 1 or more
Elevation gain: flat, unless you create a loop
Why we love it: One of the most beautiful trails in the Bay Area! This trail is flat enough to bring a stroller but beautiful enough that even 10 minutes is stunning. For stronger hikers, the Craig Britton/Harkins Ridge trail will not disappoint.

Purisima Creek Redwoods Map

4. Tilden Regional Park (park at Steam Trains)
County: Alameda
Description: Big views for short hiking output.
Mileage: 2 and up
Elevation gain: Very small hills– if you take Vollmer Peak trail first, it will seem like more downhill than the opposite way.
Why we love it: On clear days from the Seaview trail, you can take in views of the Golden Gate Bridge on one side and Mount Diablo on the other. Plus, a visit to the Steam Trains afterward is a great hiking reward.

Tilden Regional Park Map

5. Moore Creek Park (Valentine Vista, return Moore Creek trail)
County: Napa
Description: Exposed trail with views up and down the valley surrounding Moore Creek, then a chance to play in shady Moore Creek.
Mileage: 4.6
Elevation: Climbing at the beginning but then mostly flat until it heads back down to the creek, then flat back to the parking lot.
Why we love it: Little known trails, beautiful views for a bit of tougher climbing, and shady Moore Creek provides excellent creek play opportunities.

Moore Creek Park Map


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