Ridge Trail Sign Survey and Update

Dec 19th, 2018

COMPLETED – Over 350 miles of new Ridge Trail signs updated! Only 100 more miles to go!

Why: In 2017, the Ridge Trail adopted the new trail sign design and in 2018 they set the goal to install the new signs along 200 miles of trail!

What: With the support of volunteers, partner agencies and our sign intern Fabio, we have signed over 350 miles of trail in 2018 (NOTE: Approximately 70 miles are access and connector trails)! In less than five months, Fabio biked over 500 miles and hiked over 60 miles to replace almost 700 unique sign locations on over 200 miles of Ridge Trail throughout the Bay Area. We still have around 100 more miles of primary Ridge Trail to go to complete all of the dedicated miles! We plan to complete this effort with the help of volunteers and partner agencies.

Funding need: Although we are getting very close to completing the trail “blazes” there is an ongoing funding need to maintain, replace and install new interpretive and map signs that will help orient and educate trail users about the Ridge Trail and other site specific information. We hope you can support this ongoing effort!



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