Napa chef bikepacks Ridge Trail in 13-day sprint

See the video! Even in the densely populated Bay Area, open space, remote locations and unobstructed scenic views are out there waiting to be discovered. The Ridge Trail partnered with Don Nolan, a veteran cyclist

Molly and Donna’s 3-year section hiking adventure

See the stunning watercolors and photos that illustrate Molly and Donna’s trek In May of 2013, Molly Shaw Deich was browsing through books at the John Muir National Historic Site visitor center in Martinez and came

REI Co-op Invests in the Ridge Trail

REI Co-op believes trails are a crucial to getting outside and life well-lived. To support this philosophy, the retailer is helping create lasting legacies in select communities by investing in large, longer-term projects that connect

A Trail runner’s perspective: The Ridge Trail ensures access to nature for all

Board member Matt Zinn still remembers the confused looks he got during his first Ridge to Bridge (a Ridge Trail sponsored long-distance hike and ride), when he told the other participants he was going to