Local Ultrarunner Sets Fastest Known Time on East Bay Trail

  Dizzy, shivering and fatigued, Chris Thoburn shuffled back onto the trail after a 24 minute rest. While this doesn’t sound like the triumphant scene you’d imagine if you had just set a new record,

6 New Ridge Trails in 2020

  Despite 2020 being a poster year for uncertainty, the Ridge Trail has been very busy. We celebrated the dedication of over 8 miles – which includes 6 new distinct trail segments across 6 different

Britney hiking

Completing the Ridge Trail on a Whim

Britny Sorenson, a sunny and energetic force of nature, set out to thru-hike the Florida Trail in December of 2019. About a week in, bad weather struck and she had to abandon her trek. She

CALL TO ACTION: Support Planned Ridge Trail Connections in the Solano County’s Active Transportation Plan

Support Planned Ridge Trail Connections in Solano County’s Active Transportation Plan! The Solano Transportation Authority is creating a new vision for biking and walking/hiking countywide. Please support planned Ridge Trail connections by providing feedback on the Interactive WikiMap