Ridge Trail Sign Survey and Update

COMPLETED – Over 350 miles of new Ridge Trail signs updated! Only 100 more miles to go! Why: In 2017, the Ridge Trail adopted the new trail sign design and in 2018 they set the goal

anadel fire

North Bay Wildfire Restoration

For a map showing updated (as of March 2018) information on fire-related Ridge Trail closures and re-openings, click here. Updates and Ridge Trail Re-openings: Our partners have been working tirelessly to restore and re-open their

Mount Umunhum Public Access and New Trail

After decades of behind-the-scenes advocacy and leveraging over a million dollars in funding, the Ridge Trail is proud to announce that Mt. Umunhum is open to the public for the first time in a generation.

Improving Mount St. Helena, Table Rock & Palisades

Mount St. Helena will be the highest spur on the Ridge Trail—a whopping 4,343 feet—and will hopefully be dedicated sometime this year. The Ridge Trail Council has been  working to dedicate a Ridge Trail spur