Top 3 Napa County Loops

Napa County Ridge Trail Loops Loop your way through Napa County on three of our favorite Ridge Trail loop hikes. Explore tranquil forests, trek across rugged terrain, and step off the beaten path to experience the beauty

Hike, Bike, or Climb the Rocky Ridges: Sanborn & Castle Rock

County: Santa Clara County Distance: 6 miles Difficulty: Difficult Explore the ridgeline of two vast parks–Sanborn County Park and Castle Rock State Park. Wind along the protected east side of the crest of the Santa Cruz Mountains

5 Family-Friendly Ridge Trail Hikes

Looking for your next fun family outing? Take in some fresh air and explore the great outdoors together with five of our favorite family-friendly hikes. 1. Skyline Ridge (Alpine Pond & Nature Center) County: San Mateo

East Bay Hills Huckleberry, Redwood, and Chabot Tour

County: Alameda Distance: 8.3 miles Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult Explore the Ridge Trail in the East Bay Hike, bike, or ride this section of Ridge Trail to see the varied beauty that East Bay has to offer.