Ridge Trail Day 2017 Success

Nov 16th, 2017
Ridge Trail in American Canyon Newell Open Space Preserve

Success! The 10th annual Ridge Trail Day rallied over 500 trail volunteers in 14 sites around the Bay. You helped build, repair, and improve trail for everyone.

With the support of our volunteers we were able to prepare the trails for winter, and spread our vision of a 550+ mile loop around the Bay. Here are some accomplishments across all nine Bay Area counties from Ridge Trail Day 2017:

  • Removed fire debris so that we may begin rebuilding trail affected by the North Bay fires
  • Dug out drainage to prepare trails for winter storms and prevent erosion
  • Planted trees to protect the soil
  • Repaired 59 feet of fencing to keep people on trails and off sensitive flora and fauna
  • Removed more than 12 truckloads invasive species so that native plants can regrow
    Installed a bench so generations can enjoy the iconic 360 degree Ridge Trail views

Please view our photo gallery to see highlights of the day’s activities. We will be adding more photos from our many partners in the days to come.

Thank you!



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