Mount Saint Helena: Sign and Dedication Update

Sep 19th, 2017

The Ridge Trail spur to the top of Mount Saint Helena is now properly signed along the Palisades and Table Rock sections. With a peak at 4,343 feet, Mount St. Helena is a heavy hitter in the world of Ridge Trail views.

When you support the Ridge Trail, you make existing trails better. For many years, this area has lacked adequate signage. This led to problems such as expensive lost-hiker rescues. Before dedicating Mount St. Helena and the nearby Palisades and Table Rock trails as Ridge Trail, we sought to improve these trails. Improper grades and faulty drainage have made portions of them hard to navigate.

Ridge Trail Steward John Aranson worked with the local fire department and State Parks to ensure that the signs addressed all of the stakeholders’ needs.

Former Trail Director, Moira McEnespy took the newly signed trail for a “test-hike” and reports, “The new signs look fabulous and I did not get lost!  There were quite a few folks out that day, so the new signs are keeping a lot of people safe and on the trail.”

The trails of Mount St. Helena will be officially dedicated soon, hopefully sometime this year, once Napa County Regional Parks and Open Space District is able to assume management of the area. Patience and perseverance open all trails!



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