Top 3 Napa County Loops

Nov 13th, 2018

Napa County Ridge Trail Loops
Loop your way through Napa County on three of our favorite Ridge Trail loop hikes. Explore tranquil forests, trek across rugged terrain, and step off the beaten path to experience the beauty of Napa County beyond its picturesque vineyards

1. Bothe-Napa Valley State Park
Distance: 3.3-Mile Loop, 590-foot ascent and descent
Difficulty: Easier
For a relaxing outing under the cool redwoods and firs take this easy loop along both sides of scenic Ritchey Creek. Start on the Redwood Trail just past the visitor center; continue on this trail until it crosses the creek and ends at the Ritchey Canyon Trail, then return via the Ritchey Canyon Trail. The further you travel into the creek corridor, the more you’ll notice the exquisite quiet of the forest.
Bothe-Napa Valley State Park Map

Stay a little longer:
Extend your visit by camping in the park or renting a yurt, then spend time at the pool or explore the visitor center, pioneer cemetery, and native plant garden.
Bothe-Napa Valley State Park Info

Refuel at some of our favorite nearby restaurants:
Cafe Sarafornia
Sam’s Social Club

2. Moore Creek Park Loop
Distance: 4.1-miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Explore a less-frequented part of Napa County in a quintessential California landscape. You’ll experience grassy hillsides, oak woodland, and a secluded canyon. Climb the Valentine Vista Trail through the woodlands to reach open grassland and sweeping views of the remote landscape, including the Moore Creek canyon, Napa County’s peaks, and Lake Hennessey. The trail winds into the canyon through the chaparral; when you reach the Moore Creek Trail at the bottom, head back to the trailhead on the unpaved road.
Moore Creek Park Map

Refuel at some of our favorite nearby restaurants:
The Model Bakery (the best English muffins you’ll ever have, seriously)
Gott’s Roadside
Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch

3. Skyline Wilderness Park Loop
Distance: 7.2-mile Loop, 1,935-foot ascent and descent
Difficulty: Difficult
Climb to the park’s prominent 1,630-foot peak on this challenging loop, observing the impacts of the 2017 Atlas Fire. Take the Lake Marie Trail to the Skyline Trail, passing ponds and climbing over grassy hills and through oak woodland. Enjoy sweeping views of the Napa Valley and marshlands edging the bay before arriving at quiet Lake Marie. Beyond the lake take the Rim Rock Trail to climb and descend Sugarloaf Peak on a narrow, steep trail, where you’ll have fabulous views on the way, and end on the Lake Marie Road to get back to the trailhead.
Skyline Wilderness Park Map

Refuel at some of our favorite nearby restaurants:
Oxbow Public Market
Grace’s Table


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