Much of the primary Ridge Trail route consists of natural-surface trails, often with steep grades and rugged terrain. Our interactive Planning Navigator provides information intended to help users of all abilities determine which trails best suit their individual needs. This information includes trail length, elevation change, and identification of trails with paved or firm surfaces. On our land managers’ websites and trail apps (linked in the Planning Navigator for each Ridge Trail section) you can find even more detail, such as elevation profiles, grade, and ADA accessibility information. Many parks that the Ridge Trail passes through feature trails specifically designed to be ADA-accessible and may provide more accessible alternatives to the Ridge Trail route in that park.

Each Ridge Trail section has been vetted by volunteers and assigned an intensity rating (easy, moderate, difficult). However, we recognize that difficulty and accessibility differ for each person and, therefore, the intensity rating might not apply to you. Trail conditions change by season and over time, and might vary over long sections of trail. We strongly recommend visiting the land manager’s website for detailed and up-to-date information on accessibility, trail conditions and potential closures.


Bay Area Ridge Trail
Planning Navigator

 Info for each Ridge Trail section like trail surface, accessibility notes where available & more.

Ridge Trail Segments with
Accessible Features

A collection of Ridge Trail segments that may be appropriate for various levels of ability.

International Day of Persons
with Disabilities

Learn about organizations working to increase access for disabled people in the outdoors.