7 Epic Ridge Trail Mountain Bikes

May 16th, 2018

Check out seven of our favorite spots around the Bay for a mountain bike adventure. From the Marin Headlands to the Crockett Hills, these rides offer a chance to leave behind busy roads and take in the fresh air and scenic views along the trail.

1. Annadel State Park
County: Sonoma
Description: Wooded, great views
Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced
Mileage: 8-16
Elevation gain: 1300’
Why we love it: Single track & gradual grades, Annadel is a Mountain Bikers paradise, with multiple trails for short jaunts or all-day adventures. (MTB park).
Annadel State Park Map and trail descriptions

2. Lower Oathill Mine Road
County: Napa
Description: Exposed, some shade, views
Difficulty: Advanced
Mileage: 4.5-9
Elevation gain: 1800’
Why we love it: Very technical and rocky ride, that takes you through what use to be one of the most productive ore and mercury mines in California.
Lower Oat Hill Mine Road Map and trail descriptions

3. Marin Headlands
County: Marin
Description: Redwoods, open, coastal
Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced
Mileage: 5.5-11
Elevation gain: 1500’
Why we love it: Mountain biking got its start here. Marin County is generally regarded as the birthplace of the sport and of the mountain bike. This ride has amazing views that make it worth the challenge.
Marin Headlands Map and trail descriptions

4. John Nicholas Trail
County: Santa Clara
Description: Wooded
Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced
Mileage: 8.5-17
Elevation gain: 1400’
Why we love it: Single track, with sweeping views of the South bay.
John Nicholas Trail Map and trail descriptions

5. Lake Chabot
County: Alameda
Description: Fire road, wooded, exposed
Difficulty: Intermediate
Mileage: 8.5-17
Elevation gain: 1200’
Why we love it: Gradual grades with great views of the lake and east bay hills, with the  Lake Chabot Marina being the perfect spot for a post-ride picnic.
Lake Chabot Map and trail descriptions

6. Crockett Hills
County: Contra Costa
Description: Rolling grasslands, single track
Difficulty: Intermediate
Mileage: 5-10
Elevation gain: 1200’
Why we love it: Great trails through the woods and over the hills with awesome views of the Carquinez Strait. (MTB park)
Crockett Hills Map and trail descriptions

7. Bolinas Ridge
County: Marin
Description: Fireroad with paved section and singletrack
Difficulty: Intermediate
Mileage: 11.1 – 12.8
Elevation gain: 1300′
Why we love it: Epic views of the ocean and surrounding peaks.
Bolinas Ridge Map and trail descriptions



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