Blue Rock Springs Park to Vallejo-Benicia Buffer:

Take this varied trip along the ridgeline greenbelt between Vallejo and Benicia.

5.5 miles one-way for hikers (plus a 0.4-mile return on a Blue Rock Springs Park trail extension); 3.1 miles one-way for equestrians; 5.1 miles one-way for mountain bikers (includes 0.1-mile gap); car shuttle possible


From: Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo

To: Rose Drive in Benicia

This trip begins on a short round-trip to a rocky ridge and returns to the rolling green lawns and shady picnic areas of Blue Rock Springs Park. It then follows a paved path/sidewalk or bike lane for 2 miles to the Buffer Trail, which meanders 2.9 miles up and down hilly grasslands toward Benicia State Recreation Area, providing outstanding views. The last 0.3-mile section of trail is on city streets in Benicia, including a 0.1-mile undedicated section.

Elevation Gain/Loss 615 feet/1,070 feet one-way

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This trail description is excerpted from the 2019 Guidebook. For details on all trails, trailheads and more buy the book from Wilderness Press.

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