Three Day Basecamp: Napa County

Jul 23rd, 2020
View of Upper La Honda

Overview: Overnight base camping is a great way to accomplish several sections of the Ridge Trail while exploring the surrounding county. This 3 day and 2 night itinerary gives you the best of Napa county. Each section gives you a unique taste of the beauty Napa has to offer. 

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Total Mileage: 25 miles

Camping / Lodging Locations:

Day 1: Lower Oat Hill Mine Trail

Route Description: This segment of the Ridge Trail is a steady ascent from the Napa Valley floor to the striking volcanic formations at the ridge. The historic trail is rough and rocky but provides spectacular views of the Napa Valley, Mount St. Helena, and nearby mountain ranges. After completing this section check in to your lodging and enjoy a relaxing Napa afternoon. 

Start / End: Oat Hill Mine Trailhead 

Mileage: 9 miles (out and back)

Difficulty: Difficult

Map Resources: 

Day 2: Moore Creek Park

Route Description: A short 25 minute drive from Calistoga remote Moore Creek Ridge Trail climbs high onto the exposed east slopes of the Moore Creek canyon, offering sweeping views, then descends and heads up the shaded scenic creek corridor to a series of creek pools. 

Start / End: Moore Creek Park

Mileage: 9.4 miles (out and back)

Difficulty: Difficult

Elevation Gain: 880’

Map Resources: 

Day 3: Bothe Napa State Park

Route Description: 5 miles south of Calistoga is the beautiful Bothe Napa State Park. This is a great shady route up Ritchey Canyon through the woods and alongside a scenic creek. The 1,900-acre park is the furthest inland state park with coast redwoods.

Start / End: Bothe Napa State Park

Mileage: 6.8 miles (out and back)

Difficulty: Moderate

Elevation Gain: 1100’

Map / info resources: 




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