Rockville Hills Regional Park and Vintage Valley Trail:

Climb gently through these volcanic rock hills to a remote, grassy valley with a splendid stand of blue oaks.

4.2 miles one-way for hikers and mountain bikers, 0.8-mile one-way for equestrians; car shuttle possible.


From: Rockville Road

To: Antiquity Drive in Fairfield

Climb gently through volcanic hills to a remote, grassy valley with a splendid stand of blue oaks. Then ascend to a plateau with views of Mount Diablo, Elkhorn Peak, and the Twin Sisters. The trail then drops into and through a residential subdivision. This trip begins on a connector trail to the park’s north entrance and then travels paved and unpaved service roads to a paved trail through the subdivision. Most trees in the park are deciduous, so on a winter day the trails can be comfortably sunny, yet in summer the blue-oak forest offers welcome shade.

Elevation Gain/Loss 540 feet/580 feet one-way

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This trail description is excerpted from the 2019 Guidebook. For details on all trails, trailheads and more buy the book from Wilderness Press.

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