Mount Tamalpais State Park and Dias Ridge Trail:

Watch raptors soar above open grassy slopes and take in views of the Pacific Ocean on a trek through Mount Tamalpais State Park.

5.5 miles one-way for hikers and equestrians, 8.3 miles one-way for mountain bikers; car shuttle possible


From: Shoreline Highway

To: Pantoll Ranger Station in Mill Valley

Watch raptors soar above open chaparral slopes, take in spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, follow a moist creekbed, and cross shaded oak woodlands and redwood–fir forests; this trek goes through Mount Tamalpais State Park (as well as GGNRA lands on the Dias Ridge Trail). Hikers and equestrians descend into Frank Valley on the Miwok Trail and mountain bikers descend the Dias Ridge Trail; all users then make a steady climb to the Pantoll Ranger Station.

Cyclists will cross the northwest corner of Muir Woods on the Dias Ridge Trail, which is also accessible as a 3.1 mile one-way spur for hikers and equestrians. Cyclists must then ride on 2.1 miles of undedicated roadway to connect to the Deer Park Fire Road.

Alternate trip: the Dias Ridge Trail, from Panoramic Highway to Muir Beach: Descend along a gorgeous new multi-use trail. From Panoramic Highway you start out at 700′ and drop down to sea level at Muir Beach with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean for most of the trip while passing over 20,000 newly planted native plants and grasses. The coastal breezes and early morning fog usually provide great hiking/riding weather most of the year. The reverse trip is more challenging but parking is available at both ends of the segment. 3 miles one-way.

Elevation Gain/Loss 1,505 feet/660 feet one-way for hikers and equestrians, 1,745 feet/865 feet one-way for mountain bikers

OuterSpatial Mobile Maps:
Shoreline Highway to Pantoll

Dias Ridge Trail (Panoramic Highway to Muir Beach)

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This trail description is excerpted from the 2019 Guidebook. For details on all trails, trailheads and more buy the book from Wilderness Press.

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