Connecting Trails for Lucas

Lucas Horan (February 1981 - December 2020) was deeply passionate about the trails around the Bay. As a nature enthusiast and ultra-runner, he dreamt of helping to connect the Bay Area Ridge Trail into one continuous loop, where he planned to start an epic international race (Tor de Geants style) to help raise funds and bring awareness to the beauty so very close to the Bay. Lucas’ family and dear friends are working hard to raise funds to help complete one small section of trail close to Lucas’ heart.

Help us connect a beautiful section of the Ridge Trail in Lucas’ honor.
Donations to the Lucas Horan Memorial Fund will be used to fund the building of a memorial bridge dedicated to Lucas in East Bay Regional Parks' along the future Garin to Niles Canyon section of the Ridge Trail. The first $25,000 is funding the materials cost of the bridge itself. Additional donations will be used to help connect more trail by closing other trail gaps in the Ridge Trail, supporting programs to make the trail more accessible, including "circumnavigation" programs and resources on the Ridge Trail. 


Yes, I would like to honor Lucas Horan with a gift to the Bay Area Ridge Trail.

Located within the East Bay Regional Parks, this new section of Ridge Trail is under construction and will close an important trail gap. Lucas' memorial bridge will cross a ravine along this 5-mile stretch from a ridge on Garin into Niles Canyon, and located about 2.5 miles up from Vallejo Mill Historic city park. With the Garin to Niles section completed, it means there will be a continuous stretch from Vallejo Mill Park to Kennedy Grove (a full 50 miles of Ridge Trail on the East Bay).  Lucas would have loved to help make a 50-mile continuous section of trail and so we are excited about this specific connector trail.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at:

Each time Lucas saw a blue Ridge Trail marker along his 2nd trip around the Ridge Trail, he “got a little burst of energy and felt a special connection to everyone that shares the vision of a Bay Area Ridge Trail."