Ridge Trail 2025 Strategic Plan

May 24th, 2022


At the end of 2021, the Ridge Trail Council completed our strategic planning process and adopted the 2025 Strategic Plan. This Plan fleshes out key initiatives and actions, sets priorities, and weaves program elements together into a cohesive whole. Specific strategies target key trail challenges like: access across private land gaps, complex transportation crossings, supporting circumnavigators, engaging new communities, and raising funds to plan, build and maintain the trail.

As with any strategic planning process, we looked at opportunities, constraints and potential new directions. Our strategies fit within three overarching goals: to open more trail miles, to enable more people to enjoy the trail, and to build and sustain the Council to fulfill our mission and realize our shared vision.

Click HERE (or on the image below) to read a summary of the 2025 Ridge Trail Strategic Plan.















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