Ridge Trail Super Stroll 2021

people wearing masks standing behind gate

Join Ridge Trail volunteers for the Fifth Annual Super Stroll on Super Bowl Sunday! Our approach this year is for socially distanced or DIY hiking. Join and start with us, but hike at your own pace or with your pod. There are five socially-distanced / DIY hike routes to choose from. All five routes are accessible by public transit with two different start locations.


Download a map of all the routes here.

Outing ending times listed below are approximate. Please bring water & snacks, and lunch for the longer hikes. Dogs are allowed on the strolls, if they can go the distance! Wear your mask in public and share the trail wisely.

Route #1 The Touchdown

8:30am – 4:30pm (15 miles, point-to-point)
START at the southern tip of Lake Merced at John Muir Blvd. & Lake Merced Blvd. This hike will traverse the entire SF Ridge Trail route going north from Lake Merced and up and over Twin Peaks to the GG Bridge. Because of its length this hike is strenuous. If you drive / park at start, you can take 28 MUNI bus or Uber/Lyft back. You may also bail at MUNI/BART or near your home. Those hikers who want to start their hike later in the morning can take BART to Daly City and walk about 20 minutes to the southern tip of Lake Merced. The first BART train on Sunday arrives at Daly City at 8:47 and then at 30 minute intervals thereafter. 
See map 1, 2, 3, and 4.
Lead hiker: Bob Siegel

Route #2 The Field Goal

10am – 1pm (7 miles, loop)
START at Stanyan Edge (@ Page Street) go South through Sutro Forest to Sutro Tower, through Marview etc. to Panorama, back north up Creeks to Peaks and over to Mt. Olympus, and back to Stanyan.
See map 3.
Lead hiker: Karen Rhodes

Route #3 The Hail Mary

10am – 1pm (6 miles, point-to-point)
START at Stanyan Edge (@ Page Street) go on a NW route from Stanyan along Phil Arnold trail to Arguello through Presidio to GGBridge. Hike or take Public transportation back.
See map 3 and 4.
Lead hiker: Martha Benioff

Route #4 The Quarterback Sneak

9:30am -12:30pm (6 miles, loop)
START at Stanyan along Phil Arnold trail to Arguello through Presidio to Mtn Lake Park taking the Crosstown Trail back to Stanyan. People who feel comfortable taking MUNI could peel off at the 1, 38, or 5 buses.
See map 2 and 4.
Lead Hiker: Ben Pease

Route #5 Home by Halftime

9:30am – 12:30pm (7 miles, point to point)
START at Stanyan Edge to the Southern edge of Lake Merced/Daly City BART via Mt Sutro, Twin Peaks, & Stern Grove (one-way). I’ll be going to the Bart station to head home, but people can peel off wherever!
See map 1, 2 and 3
Lead Hiker: Carrie Sisto



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