Ridge Trail Virtual Dedication: Berryessa BART Station

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On Thursday, July 9, 2020, over 100 attendees helped us celebrate and dedicate a new section of Bay Area Ridge Trail – virtually! The Bay Area Ridge Trail dedicated .7 miles of new trail, which starts at the newly opened Berryessa BART station in San José. This trail closes a critical trail gap from the urban Penitencia Creek Trail–through rugged Alum Rock Park to the serpentine landscape of Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve. Watch a recording of the virtual event below!



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Berryessa BART Ridge Trail Story

Q&A From the Event:

Q: Part of the Penitencia Creek Trail runs along Mabury Road southwest of the Penitencia Creek County Park. Are there plans to put a class 1 trail along that stretch?
A: We definitely have the Mabury Road Sidewalk as a future project to develop. We haven’t moved forward on studies and design work because the creek corridor has been subject of planning by the Santa Clara Valley Water District and US Army Corps for flood protection improvements. That project has been discussed for years, and we don’t have a firm plan to review just yet. But we do expect significant changes to the channel. Building a trail would likely be a loss of public funds as all improvements would probably be removed. Once we have a confirmed plan from those agencies, we would work closely with them to include a Class I Bikeway Trail along Mabury Road (Off-Street) as well as look at a bridge crossing aligned with Cape Kennedy Drive. We know that people walk through the channel in dry months, so we seek to offer a better means of crossing.

Q: Are there any plans to incorporate the Ridge Trail and other public/mass transit to the trail systems in the Henry Coe State Park? HCSP is one of the most severely under utilized and overlooked wild spaces in the region and with its close proximity to the Bay Area we should consider incorporating its vast trail system into the Ridge Rrail as well.
A: Santa Clara County Parks is working on a trail connection to Henry Coe State Park with their Coyote Canyon project. More information can be found here: https://www.sccgov.org/sites/parks/PlansProjects/introduction/Pages/coyote-canyon.aspx. The long-term connections would be accessible via the San Martin Caltrain Station and possibly the future High Speed Rail.

Q: Can we open some trails for dogs around Alum Rock area?
A: Dogs cannot be allowed in Alum Rock Park as it is considered a protected wildlife sanctuary.



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