Ridge to Bridge Showdown!

Mar 19th, 2019

Are you a Matt or are you a Janet?

You probably already know about Ridge to Bridge but if you don’t, it’s our signature annual event that features hike, bike and equestrian routes from Marin to the Presidio. Aside from being a journey on one of the Ridge Trail’s most gorgeous sections, it is our largest annual fundraiser! Motivated participants fundraise thousands of dollars to help propel the Ridge Trail’s mission forward and complete the last 185 miles of trail. This year, our own Executive Director has challenged one of our board members— who is also our most successful Ridge to Bridge fundraiser—to a showdown! Which one would you like to support? Are you more like Matt? Or more like Janet?

Matt Zinn, Ridge Trail board member & environmental lawyer:

  • Trail runner
  • Public access advocate
  • Volunteers professional skills
  • Proposed to wife on the Ridge Trail
  • Enjoys the ecosystem variety within the Bay Area
  • Multi-year Ridge to Bridge participant
  • Running 26 miles on Ridge to Bridge

Donate to Matt

Janet McBride, Ridge Trail Executive Director

  • Hiker
  • Public service employee
  • Enjoys 360° views
  • Wildflower seeker Animal lover, especially puppies!
  • First time Ridge to Bridge participant (has worked all past years!)
  • Hiking 10 miles at Ridge to Bridge

Donate to Janet



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