Recorded: Circumnavigation Webinar

Thursday, January 27 – 6:30-7:30pm (Pacific Time)

There are now 400 miles of Ridge Trail – are you ready to explore them all? Join our “circumnavigation” webinar and hear from a panel of folks who’ve walked, run, biked, or horseback ridden the entire Ridge Trail. Plus we’ll share tips, online resources, and have opportunities for you to get your questions answered during a Q&A. Come curious and leave inspired to complete the Ridge Trail!

The live webinar was recorded. View the recording here!


Webinar Panelists:

Anil Rao, Race Director and Bay Area Ridge Trail Council Board Member, Ultra Runner

Austin McInerny, National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) Board Chair, Cyclist

Luana España, Bay Area Ridge Trail Council Board Member, Hiker/Runner

Lyndall Erb, PhD, Bay Area Barns and Trails (BABT) Board President, Equestrian


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