Welcome to the 5th annual Ridge Trail Challenge!

Join the Challenge as a fun way to explore new parts of the Ridge Trail and discover your next favorite adventure!

June 3 - September 30

Hike, Bike, Run, or Ride

Win fun prizes!


How to Participate:

1. Sign up on the OuterSpatial App OR with this form.*

2. Explore 5 or more Ridge Trail segments before September 30.

3. Check your trails off on the OuterSpatial App OR submit the Finisher Form to be entered in the prize raffle!

*Using OuterSpatial isn't REQUIRED, but it is a fun and easy way to track your progress and post photos as you go. Plus, you won't need to submit a finisher form to be entered to win! Just check off your 5 trails by September 30 and you'll be entered.


How to Choose your Trails:

Use the tips, tools, and guides below to choose the Ridge Trail segments you want to complete during the Challenge.

Curated Ridge Trail Segments

While you can explore any Ridge Trail segment to count towards your 5 outings, these curated trails may help you choose.

Planning Navigator

A spreadsheet with information on each Ridge Trail section, like elevation change, amenities, and accessibility notes where available.

More Trip Planning Tools

Tools to plan your Ridge Trail outings, like downloadable PDF maps, mobile apps, itineraries for multi-day trips, and curated Ridge Trail adventures.


Let's Complete the Ridge Trail Together!

As participants check Ridge Trail segments off their list in OuterSpatial, this map will show where they've been (segments with a red box have not yet been checked-off). Let's try to circumnavigate the whole Ridge Trail, together!


Prizes and Sponsors

Grand Prize Pack

Filled with awesome gear from our wonderful sponsors, including a tent from REI, duffle bag from Patagonia, and a jacket and sleeping bag from Mountain Hardwear!

To be entered to win:
Sign up for the Challenge
2. Complete 5 Ridge Trail outings
3. Check them off on the OuterSpatial App OR submit your finisher form (if you are not using OuterSpatial)

Bonus Prizes

To be entered to win:
1. Sign up for the Challenge
2. Take a photo that represents the theme of the bonus prize, and
3. Either post it on social media (make sure to tag us!) or email it to us at outreach@ridgetrail.org.


"Run the Ridge" Prize Pack

Shirt from Mountain Hardwear + Swiftland Trail Runners from REI


"Transit to Trail" Prize Pack

Jacket from Mountain Hardwear + Backpack from REI


"Scenic Cycling" Prize Pack

Jacket from Mountain Hardwear + Handlebar Roll from REI

Many thanks to all our sponsors who support the Bay Area Ridge Trail!