Thank you for visiting our reporting page, where you can provide us valuable information on trail damage and trail conditions.

Why Should I Report Damage & Conditions? 

We need your help!  The Ridge Trail covers a very vast region, and our staff can't be on the trail everyday.

By trail users providing this info to us, we can work with the land managment agencies to address the issues, as well as plan work parties on the trail.

Reporting Damage

Trail damage could be anything from faded or missing trail signs, to a location where a trail sign is needed, to severe erosion or washouts, to excessive poison oak growth.

Reporting Conditions

Please report trail conditions, especially during the rainy season.  Using excessively muddy trails can cause more damage and increase costs to maintain.  By spreading the word, users can choose alternate trails.

Thank you for being a vital and important part of creating and maintaining the Ridge Trail!

Trail staff will contact you directly if we need additional information.

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