Geocache the Ridge Trail!

What is Geocaching?

REI Intro to Geocaching Article - Want to try geocaching on the Ridge Trail?  Check out then go find and move our geotags!

Our Geotags!

These are our currently placed geotags.  Click on a tag name to see a picture of the tag, discover the tag's goal, and find out where the tag has been and the miles traveled!  Then set off on your own geocaching adventure to find our geotags and help them along the Ridge Trail towards their goal!



Ridge Trail Explorer

Ridge Trail Trekker

Ridge Trail Biker

Bay Area Ridge Trail Travel Tag

The Councilor

The Junior Councilor

Campsite Cacher

I Can See the Sea

Birthday BART

Ridge Trail History

Easy BARTer

Family Snapshots

Flower Power

High Peaks Climber

North Bay Traveler

East Bay Traveler

South Bay Traveler

Peninsula Traveler

Ridge Trail Travel Tag 1

Ridge Trail Travel Tag 2

Ridge Trail Travel Tag 3

Ridge Trail Travel Tag 4

Ridge Trail Travel Tag 5


Thank You Geocache Volunteers!

A special thank you to our geocache/geotag volunteers - Sam D. and Joe N. - for helping activate and get our geotags out on the trail and pitching in at geocache events!  THANK YOU!

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