"Long Distance Trail You've Never Heard Of?" Ridge Trail featured by REI

REI Blog Featuring Ridge TrailThe Ridge Trail just received a wonderful birthday tribute! The first section of Bay Area Ridge Trail was dedicated May 13, 1989 (Can you name the trail? Answer below). 24 years to the day,  the Trail was celebrated in Recreational Equipment Inc's (REI) on-line blog, titled Introducing the Scenic Long-Distance Trail You've Probably Never Heard Of.  Featuring beautiful photos from around the region, this timely treat gives a great overview of the Trail, and efforts to complete the loop.

Read the REI article here. Be inspired by the gorgeous photos, and help spread the word! "Like" and "Share" the article; if our new friends at the REI Blog had yet to learn of the Ridge Trail, perhaps some of your family, friends, colleagues, hiking or riding buddies have not either. Let them know! And the more readers this blogs receives, the more likely REI will post more about the Ridge Trail.

You can also add own your insights and comment to the blog. Share your inside knowledge of our regional, yet local Trail Treasure! As a special bonus, there's also a link to our cool regional map! 

Question: Can you identify the first Ridge Trail dedication?
Answer: There were actually TWO dedications on May 13, 1989, both in San Mateo County:
    Wunderlich County Park to Huddart County Park
    Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve
These combine to provide a 12 mile section of Ridge Trail though mostly dense Peninsula forest, with great Coast and Bay views when the trees open up. Click on the links to download maps for the first dedicated Ridge Trail.






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