Spectacular New Trail and Overlooks in the SF Presidio!

Ridge Trail Connects Two New Overlooks

 A beautiful new stretch of Ridge Trail connects two new standout destinations, offering jaw-dropping views - the Pacific Overlook and the Golden Gate Overlook. The new trail opened in May, just in time to mark the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

View of Golden Gate OverlookPerched on the edge of San Francisco’s picturesque coastal bluffs, the new Ridge Trail route moves hikers and cyclists off-street on a natural surface trail through the forest. This section of Ridge Trail in the northwest Presidio is shared with the Coastal Trail and Anza Trail.  

And coming soon

 ...new trail connections to Rob Hill and the Golden Gate Bridge. 

The new trail and overlooks are great to explore today and watch for more on the horizon: a short new stretch of Ridge Trail connecting the Pacific Overlook and Rob Hill Camp (the only public campground in SF) will be finished later this summer, and another short section between the Golden Gate Overlook and the Golden Gate Bridge (including a wheelchair accessible bridge) will be finished in the next 18 months.

Getting There

Pacific OverlookThe Golden Gate Overlook is along Lincoln Boulevard in the Presidio, just ¼ mile south of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Park at the Merchant Road lot immediately south of the toll plaza.  

The Ridge Trail connects from the Golden Gate Overlook about ½ mile south to the Pacific Overlook.  Rob Hill Camp is less than half a mile east of the Pacific Overlook, off Washington Boulevard.


Pictures courtesy of the Presidio Trust.

For additional information and pictures, please visit the Presidio Trust's website at the links below:

Pictures of the Pacific Overlook 
Pictures of the Golden Gate Overlook
Pictures of Rob Hill Campground

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