The 4th AnnuaRidge Trail Cruz 2009 - Frankie Smilliel Ridge Trail Cruz was a great day! Trail enthusiasts traveled on foot, wheel, and hoof through the parks the Ridge Trail connects in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The weather was great, we spent the day on the sunny ridges looking down at a blanket of fog!  The Council staff provided quite the lunch with something to satisfy every taste plus replenish fluids and electrolytes.  Many families brought out their kids for a family hike, and the young'uns brought many smiles with their energy.  Overall, the day was such a great way to connect with folks around the region, as well as with nature through many parks!

Cyclists were treated to a preview of the Ridge Trail in Sanborn County Park as part of a special use permit.  Check out this video clip from cyclist Bob Gonzales: 

Just imagine when you can keep hiking or riding, up to San Francisco and into Marin, south through San Jose down to Gilroy. That is what we are working for at the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council! When complete, the Ridge Trail will be a 550+ mile multi-use trail on the ridge tops around San Francisco Bay. We already have 320 miles open, and lots more in the pipeline!

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